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 Mod Ceremony at 7 eastern, 6 central.

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PostSubject: Mod Ceremony at 7 eastern, 6 central.   Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:19 pm

Woot, our enxt mod ceremony is here and eveyrone getting spazzed abotu who will be websterscape's new mod.Since this is a huge server, though not always up, it would be an honor for these 2 ppl to be apart of our staff.If you are not chosen, dont be sad.It just u didnt have a good application, ur not an out there person, or didnt meet the requirements.There is always a next time so dont worry.

If you know, you did not even meeet close to the requirements, then just x your chances out for this one.I will have my mind made up by 6 and if this player isnt on, ill give them mod once they log on.

An Admin RAce
The next admin will be coming to Websterscape.This is one of the biggest event ever with different event and the biggets ceremony ever.The race will begin on July 16th, and it will go all throughout until August 1st.And you know what!Im giving Eveyrone a chance at this famed spot.Usuually it would just be mods, but heck with that.Admin will have new requirements and mod once this racee is over.It will not be as hard, but you still need to be apart of the Wesbtersccape community.

This is all the news for right now.Thanks and bye!
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Mod Ceremony at 7 eastern, 6 central.
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